I’m a creative empath disguised as corporate director, capturing notes on career, creativity, and personal transformation.

And raw humanity spills out into corporate settings.

Last week, I found myself navigating next-level people dynamics that got me sideways and hiding in my cave again, throwing rocks at the universe. I didn’t want to share how vulnerable and incompetent I felt. …

Humanity derails the best-laid plans, plowing through “the way it should be,” or “the way people should behave,” with wild abandon and glee.

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I intend to help creatives and empathic people navigate corporate culture to build skills and financial stability while building a vocation. I didn’t think about how this meant I would be given so much new material to work with.

My older son is very much in my target audience —…

Thank you for sharing your strategy here! I read the same article but did not think of responding with a plan. :) You've taught me something new and inspired me to reach out more on Medium. I am on the journey to 100 and happy to follow others who would like the support. Thanks again, @Lina!

The day that should have been.

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While not always comfortable, the work we are doing here is already cracking me open. So many things are shifting and rearranging internally — it feels overwhelming at times, but mostly exhilarating.

I’m feeling a lot of gratitude for a particular friend that helped me uncover a new layer of…

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By uncovering false beliefs that hold us back.

This might be a short post today because my dog is staring at me woefully for her walk and work hours are upon me. I am so energized by the this workshop and the conversations here. I am usually quite introverted in my private life.

I’ve learned how to build…

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Playing the game enough to provide for our families while shoring up resources to build the bigger dream.

I spent years railing against the man. After crashing and burning at a corporate job in my early 30’s, I spent the next five years working as a barista Starbucks, with tremendous relief and comfortable obscurity.

Stick it to the man — School of Rock

I probably would have stayed…

A. N. Holland

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